Last updated: 22/04/2022

The Coronavirus is having a significant impact on the way our communities go about their day to day life, and ateb has had to respond to this fast-changing situation. We will keep updating this page as new questions arise.


10. Are our offices open?

We are closed to customers so please contact us through our web and digital media and our normal phone lines. See how to Contact Us for more.

2. What if my household is self-isolating?

Please contact us straight away so that we know how to manage any emergency visits to your home or welfare support you may need

3. What should I do if I am waiting for a Covid-19 test result?

We don’t need to know unless we have an appointment arranged with you.

4. What should I do if I test positive for Covid-19?

You should contact us as soon as possible to let us know. You should also cancel any appointments that you may have booked with us e.g. repairs or servicing.

If you have an emergency repair out of our normal working hours please ensure you let us know when you call, so that the necessary precautions can be taken.

17. Will you still be providing a grounds maintenance service?

Yes, all services are now resumed.

32. Are your playgrounds open?

Our playgrounds are currently open.


Repairs and maintenance

5. Are ateb doing repairs?

All repairs are back to normal, but we do have reduced staff numbers due to COVID and staff sickness / isolation.

There may be some delay in completing non-urgent repairs as we prioritise emergencies and safety checks while we have limited staffing levels.

9. Are you carrying out any planned improvements such as my new kitchen or bathroom?

We have restarted our Planned Improvements programme, both external and internal, but there may be some delay in completing these works whilst we clear the back log from 2020.

20. Are you still running your gas services program?

Yes – please click here for further information

23. How do I know I’m safe when Maintenance come into my home to conduct an emergency repair?

Our teams have all been provided with Personal Protective Equipment and when entering your home will wear this and wipe down any surfaces they have come into contact with. We will only send Operatives that are well to your home to carry out essential safety checks and emergency repairs.

28. What do I need to do when maintenance needs to enter my home to fix an emergency repair or carry out an essential safety check?  

All our staff and contractors have been provided with guidance on how to complete work in your home safely during the current Coronavirus outbreak. We ask that you let them know before they enter your home if you have symptoms, self-isolating, or shielding as this will determine the precautions they will need to take. Please maintain a social distance (of over 2 meters) from ateb staff or contractors in communal areas and in your home by staying in a different room to where the work is taking place or in the garden if you have one.


Rent, money and benefits

8. Do I need to pay my rent?

Yes, but we know that these are going to be testing times so we ask that you keep us informed of your circumstances so that we can help and support you to deal with unexpected changes you may have.

6. What about getting benefits advice?

We can give benefits advice as normal including visiting customers at home, over the phone, via email and via video appointments. Please contact us if you need help claiming your Universal Credit or other benefits.

15. I am experiencing problems paying my council tax, what should I do?

Please call Pembrokeshire County Council – Council Tax Department on 01437 764551 for assistance

18. How can I pay my rent without coming into the office?

There are many different ways you can still make rent payments, please click here to find out more.



7. Waiting to move into an ateb home?

We are doing physical viewings with social distancing and safety procedures in place. Customers have the option to request a virtual viewing if they prefer.

21. Can I still swap my homes (mutual exchange) with another tenant?

Yes, we are now able to carry out Mutual Exchanges again but ask that you remain patient whilst we work through the backlog.


Independent Living & Extra Care Independent Living accommodation

11. Can I visit ateb’s Independent Living and Independent Living Extra Care properties?

Yes, but we ask visitors to be mindful that we have vulnerable customers and staff within the scheme so insist you continue to wear a face covering in the internal communal areas and continue with good hand hygiene.

ateb encourage everyone to meet up outside as this is still the safest environment but if you must meet indoors, we ask that customers meet their visitors in their flats and not in the internal communal areas.

If meeting up in communal gardens ateb ask for the consideration of other users of these areas and size limitations, and that customers only meet up to 4 people from 4 households on our grounds.

Workers or tradespeople who visit customers privately are welcome to visit as long as they have no COVID-19 symptoms, don’t feel unwell, they follow social distancing rules, and wear a mask when indoors. We also ask that they take part in the COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Self-Testing system, which can be ordered from the UK Government website.

13. When should I open my door to collect my lunch delivery? (Kensington and De Clare Court)

Both Kensington Court and De Clare Court Extra Care restaurants are now open.

If your meal is being delivered to your home because you are self-isolating due to COVID 19, please wait until there is no one outside your door before opening to collect your lunch.

14. Can I still meet up with other residents in the communal area of my scheme?

Yes, ateb has opened its internal communal facilities for customers to meet up with other customers from the same site socially. Rooms will have capacity caps which will be displayed on the entrance, we ask customers to continue to social distance, wear face coverings, practice good hand hygiene and clean furniture and shared equipment before and after use with the surface wipes provided. ateb encourage customers to bring their own beverages.

Externally we ask customers to follow the WAG guidance for meeting up outside.

16. Can I still have a minor adaptation done in my home?

Yes, if it is to help you return home safely from the hospital or an urgently needed adaptation to help you stay safe from injury in your home.

27. Can I still use the laundry facilities at my Sheltered/Extra Care Scheme? 

Yes, you can but please be mindful of social distancing and wash your hands with soap and hot water after using the laundry facilities. You must always wear a face covering when in internal communal areas such as the laundry.

29. Why have you taken the furniture away from the Scheme areas? 

We have removed some of the furniture to help social distancing occur naturally. We have ensured that we have left enough seating for the capacity cap for the room.

30. Can we visit other tenants in other flats if we are all self-isolating?

According to the COVID-19 guidelines, you are advised not to meet other customers in their flats, unless you have joined with them as an extended household.

31. Will people being discharged from the hospital or a care home need to be tested before they return to the scheme?

Yes, where possible they will need to be tested and receive a negative result before returning home. If they have a positive result, they should where possible self-isolate for the recommended length of time where they were staying at the time of test and they should contact us as soon as possible before returning home. If they are not able to get a test, they can return but they will need to self-isolate for 14 days, this means not leaving their property for any reason other than for an emergency or seeking essential medical help. Please let us know if they are self-isolating.


Tenancy and anti-social behaviour

12. What if I need advice on problems relating to my tenancy?

Please ring us and speak to one of our team 01437 763688 or 0800 854568.

22. Am I allowed to burn rubbish in my garden?

Ideally, please refrain from doing so if you can. Please click here to find out more information.


Advice and support

25. What do I do if “staying in” does not mean “staying safe” for me?

We understand that staying in does not mean staying safe for everyone. If you are in an abusive relationship and feel worried about self-isolating with someone who is harming you, you can access help and advice about staying safe during Covid 19.

A number of agencies offer additional advice and support:

If at any time you feel in immediate danger – call 999

26. Suffering with your mental health during the lockdown?

Please don’t suffer in silence, we are always at the end of the phone if you need us. There is also additional support available:

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