What Is In Our DNA?

The ateb team have developed our DNA and leadership style statements to reflect how it should feel to work with or work for ateb.

Our DNA focuses on trust, togetherness and empowerment.




We all have a role to play when it comes to leadership. Our leadership style must reflect our DNA and our desire to deliver great services through collaborative and empowered relationships.

We will encourage a leadership style that:

  • Promotes our purpose.
  • Supports our DNA.
  • Sets clear outcomes for our efforts.
  • Defines operating boundaries and risk.
  • Promotes learning over failure.
  • Supports colleagues to innovate.
  • Appreciates colleague’s achievements, efforts and commitment.

ateb believes its leaders should:

  • Pay attention to people.
  • Understand people needs.
  • Show empathy in their response.
  • Help to resolve issues.


Talking to us is easy.

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