Engage to Improve e2i

e2i is ateb’s engagement initiative. Its purpose is to engage with many people, but on a few key issues, rather than a few people, trying to engage on lots of issues.

The e2i initiative is overseen by the e2i coordination team. The team is managed by Ailinor Evans and comprises of tenants, team members and partners appropriate to the themes that are being planned, delivered or reviewed.

The coordination group membership is purposely not fixed to allow the flexibility needed for people to concentrate on those issues that they want to champion. The e2i group will report to Board directly around 3 times a year through ‘Tenant Voice’ sessions.

This initiative puts our customers at the heart of our service improvement process and will be regularly communicated to make sure that our tenants’ voice is heard.

Find out more about our engage initiative and see how we are providing better living solutions.

Also, did you know?

…. that as a customer of ateb you are automatically a member of TPAS Cymru (Tenant Participation Advisory Service) & are eligible to attend many TPAS events!

The events are currently online, due to COVID restrictions.  They provide customers with a fantastic opportunity to explore, share & talk about tenant & landlord topics.  You will get opportunity to discuss your experiences, challenges and successes of any tenant/landlord activities you’ve been involved in recently and/or have planned during the next few months. You will also get the chance to gain cutting edge knowledge & insight – please click here

These events are free to all ateb customers – if you do find a TPAS event that you’d like to go to, but that does cost, please get in touch with engage@ateb.co.uk who will organise for your fees to be paid.

These events are often very popular – places can be limited – do book early!

Let us know if you’d like to go to an event but you don’t have the right equipment eg a laptop/computer/tablet/phone.  Loans of IT equipment are possible from ateb and partnering organisations.

What is Tenant Pulse?

Do you want to make housing better?

Tenant Pulse is the voice of tenants in Wales.  It has been created by TPAS Cymru and is supported by Welsh Government.  Their main aim is to find out what matters most to tenants in Wales.

The results of their surveys are used by Welsh Government and landlords to create housing policy which works for tenants, and which makes housing in Wales safer and fairer.

Have your say by joining the thousands of tenants already registered – please click here

(Updated on 11/12/20)


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