New Kitchen and Bathroom contractor announced as ADS

We are pleased to introduce ADS, who will be looking after our Kitchen and Bathroom renewals over the next 12 months as part of our Planned Improvement Programme. 

We regularly improve our homes, such as replacing Kitchens and Bathrooms to keep them in good condition.

When your kitchen reaches the end of its life (we change them every 15 years or so) ADS will give you a call to arrange a visit and carry out a survey for a kitchen replacement.

Allyn Pritchard, atebs Maintenance Manager is delighted to have ADS on board

“It’s important to us that homes are well maintained and a great place to live for our customers. We also know that having a new Kitchen or Bathroom installed can be a very stressful time so it’s important for us to work with a contractor who is customer focussed. ADS have a holistic, customer centred approach, offering more to our customers then we have ever offered before such as extra customisations, painting and more ventilation when needed. Overall, we are really looking forward to an improved customer experience”.

He also added a note of caution due to the amount of scams circulating at the moment,

“You will never be asked for money or your payment details, if this happens then it’s likely someone pretending to be ADS. Please give us (ateb on 0800 854 568) a call straight away”.

When ADS visit your home they are required to carry an ID badge so if you are worried about letting them into your home you can always give us a call and we can carry out a verification check.

Published: 27/06/2022
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