Planned Improvements

ateb sets aside a sum of money each year to periodically replace various items within your homes to keep them in good condition, this is known as the planned improvement programme.

What we do:

Planned Improvements – We have a replacement cycle for each individual housing component, kitchens, bathrooms, windows etc. and 20% of your homes are surveyed every year to enable our asset management officer to assess when these replacements will be. It is very important that he has access to your home to carry out his survey.

We will notify you of when this survey will be and any planned work at your home. Our contractors will contact you directly to arrange access for the work that they are carrying out on our behalf.

  • Kitchens are assessed for replacement every 15 years and we will always consult with you regarding your choice of worktop, units and floor colours from a choice of slip resistant finishes, you can discuss this with our planned improvement team and our contractor.
  • Bathrooms are assessed for replacement every 25 years again with a choice of slip resistant floor covering.
  • Windows and external doors are also assessed on a 25 year cycle.
  • All boilers are assessed for replacement every 15 years with complete central heating systems every 30 years. We are also in the process of replacing existing Economy 7 storage heating with gas fired central heating systems where ever this is possible.
  • Houses are painted every 6 years and we will give you a selection of colours to choose from before painting your home where ever we can, again you can discuss this with us and our contractor.

Electrical tests are always undertaken at each tenancy change with routine testing undertaken every 5 years.

The contractors who will be carrying out the works over the next year will be:

  • Replacement windows – Solar Windows
  • Electrical tests – John Morley Electrical / WB Griffiths & Son
  • Cyclical painting – Master Painters
  • Fencing – David Rees Fencing
  • Bathrooms – WB Griffiths & Son / ateb in house direct labour team
  • Kitchens – ateb in house direct labour team
  • Bathroom / kitchen flooring – KO Carpets
  • Boilers – ateb in house direct labour team
  • Smoke / CO2 detectors – WB Griffiths & Son

Want to find out more about the improvements planned for your home?

Please speak to one of our contact team on 01437 763688 or to your planned improvement team directly:

Property & Compliance Officer – Aled Roberts 01437 774715

Stock Asset Management Officer – Dave Evans 01437 774710

Land & Building Officer – John Davies 01437 774761

Code of Conduct – This explains the conduct you can expect when we send a contractor to carry out work at your house.

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