Important information for Universal Credit customers.

If you are on Universal Credit you will have received a new ‘to do’ on your Universal Credit account added by the Job Centre today (Monday 6th April).

It is called ‘Report any changes to your housing costs’ and needs to be completed as soon as possible to make sure you get the correct amount of Universal Credit housing contribution, otherwise you might have to pay the difference yourself.

It will ask you ‘Has your rent changed?’ and ‘Have your service charges changed?’.  You will find this information on a letter we sent to all of our customers titled ‘2020/21 Rent Proposals’ at the beginning of March, if you are unsure you can always contact us.

We have made a short video to help guide you through making the changes.


Frequently asked questions


Should I put how much I pay per week or per month?

We recommend you put it weekly, as our letters were written in this way and it makes it easier to check your figures are correct.


Do I need to add all the service charges up?

Yes, please add all the service charges up and enter it as one total amount.


What if my rent hasn’t gone up?

You will still receive a ‘to do’ and should answer the questions saying no.


What if my rent has gone down?

You will still need to enter the new amounts, this makes sure that Universal Credit don’t overpay you and claim the money back at a later date.

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