The All New Customer Forum

The new Customer Forum is a tenant group for all ateb tenants & is in HAVERFORDWEST for this month only.

Although the group meets up most months, you can pick and choose which sessions you’d like to go to.

The purpose of the group is to share information about subjects that effect large numbers of tenants & your communities, so that we can improve our services to you.

NEXT DATE & VENUE: Thursday the 26th of September. The session will be at Hanover Court, Haverfordwest SA61 1PP from 18:00 until 20:00. This venue and its facilities are fully accessible. This session will have light refreshments available. A warm welcome awaits you & ateb will reimburse tenants’ travel fares.

If you’d like help to attend this session, just turn up, or if you’d like any further information please contact:

Ali Evans 01437 774766 / 07500 446611


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