Customer satisfaction survey puts ateb in top 25% of all social landlords in Wales

As part of the rent policy settlement for 2020/21 to 2024/25, all social landlords in Wales (Housing Associations and Local Authorities) agreed to carry out a standardised tenant satisfaction survey.

The results are then given to Welsh Government for publication on a central website to help tenants scrutinise and compare landlord performance.

ateb carried out the survey between November 2021 and February 2022, sending it to all customers where we had email contact details as well as the ateb team asking customers in person or on the telephone.

Between 34% and 40% of all ateb customers responded (we had a slightly different number of customers responding to each question). This compared favourably to the last time we undertook the survey in 2019 when 23.2% of customers responded.

Welsh Government have now published a “league table” of all 46 Housing Association and Local Authority (social landlords) results. A full copy of the Welsh Government report can be found here 

An analysis of the results and how ateb compares is below.

ateb is in the upper quartile (top 25%) of all social landlords in Wales regarding satisfaction levels for 8 out of the 12 questions asked, and where we are median (in the middle), we are in the top 50% of all Social Landlords.

Where comparable data is available (in brackets above) we have seen an improvement on our position since we last completed the survey with customers in 2019.

We are really pleased to see that customer satisfaction has improved since we last undertook the survey and to see that ateb is performing well when comparing our results to the rest of the housing sector.

Published 16/06/2022
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