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If you would like to report a repair, you can do so by filling in the form below and our customer services team will be in touch with you shortly. If you have not received an email but are expecting one from the team, please check your Spam or Junk email folders as they can sometimes get put in here by mistake. Thank you.

Please make sure your are aware of your repair responsibilities:

Tenant/Landlord Repair Obligations →
  • Title:
  • First name:
  • Surname:
  • Address line 1:
  • Address line 2:
  • Town:
  • Email Address:
  • Phone number:
    • Availability:
    • am:MonTueWedThuFri
    • pm:MonTueWedThuFri
  • Issue:
  • Issue Details:
  • Are you showing symptoms of Covid-19?YesNo

    Have you tested positively for Covid-19?YesNo

  • By ticking the below box I am allowing ateb to use my personal data to respond to this service request. My personal data will be securely held and used to fulfil the selected service request in accordance with the ateb privacy statement. Please refer to the ateb privacy statement to understand how we protect your personal data privacy statement. For personal data queries, data access requests, amends or removal please email

    I agree for you to use my personal data

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