Reflections from 2020 – Building new affordable homes for our communities

  • 29 new homes built using recycled gift aid from Mill Bay Homes
  • 3 year plan to increase our development programme
  • 112 new homes completed in FY 20/21

It wasn’t quite the party we thought we would have in March, when we handed over our 3000th home to a new ateb customer. Since 1981 ateb has been developing new homes for the people of West Wales and as we have grown, so has our appetite to provide more. Over the next 3 years we are hoping to increase our development programme year on year, which not only will support those seeking an affordable home, but also provides much needed economic benefits to the local community. Our Executive Director for Development Will Lloyd Davies explains;

“Our development partners have continued to work through most of the Covid-19 disruptions and this has been reflected in the £6m+ grants we received last year from the Welsh Government to fund socially rented homes in West Wales. In addition, our own Mill Bay Homes socially our own conscious house building subsidiary, supported the development of 29 new homes in Knowling Mead, Tenby. These homes were in high demand and were quickly allocated using Pembrokeshire County Council’s choice based, local lettings scheme.

West Wales has many rural communities who are identifying the need to invest in affordable housing to retain their vibrancy. Where communities struggle to retain the younger demographic due to accommodation costs and employment opportunities, their long-term sustainability can often be affected. ateb is excited to be partnering with the Welsh Government and Pembrokeshire County Council to provide a rural housing enabler post for Pembrokeshire over the next year.

The Pembrokeshire Rural Housing Partnership will seek to develop new rural affordable housing opportunities across the county, to help ensure rural community sustainability.”

As the process for funding new affordable homes changes over the next year, we will be seeking to support our local authority partners to deliver their housing and community objectives. The last year has shown us the merits of working together and we will continue to adopt this approach in our delivery of new affordable homes in West Wales.

Nick Hampshire
Chief Executive
ateb Group Limited

ateb Reflections are a look back at some of our key considerations and achievements from 2020.

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