One year on, Our Vision

It only seems like yesterday but it is one year since we first launched the ateb name and so much has been achieved. Over the last year, we have been talking to our customers, teams and partners about what we believe ‘good’ would look like for ateb.

These conversations have resulted in the development of our Vision Document that sets out what ateb needs to do or be to be considered good. The Vision looks at 6 aspects of our business that will directly impact our ability to be good. We will use this Vision to identify and prioritise areas for improvement with our current approach and then to measure whether we are making a difference over time.

Our Vision is about the long term and will evolve with changing customer expectation and other operating conditions. By focusing our efforts on delivering the Vision, we believe that ateb will be the best it can be for the customers it serves, the teams it employs and the partners it works with.

Happy St. David’s Day and happy first anniversary from the whole ateb team.


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