Planned Maintenance


Following the Planned Maintenance Tenant Survey, discussions between the planned team, Ali and the Customer forum (former tenant panel) the following 10 action points were discussed and agreed. This report shows how have been able to successfully address 9 of these which is a great outcome. We have had further feedback from the 6 monthly review meeting with the customer forum recently which is also contained within this report.

Action Point 1

Utilize the planned maintenance work list and make it available on the website to inform customers of the work to be carried out in the current financial year.

  • Unfortunately we are unable to make the list available on our website at this current time. This is due to technical issues with the external hosting of  “My account”.  However this action point has been noted and will be included on our new system which is currently being explored as part of the company’s digital transformation.

Action Point 2

In addition to existing letters being sent to customers by the contractors, the planned maintenance team will issue letters directly to the tenants highlighting and explaining the nature of pending planned works for the year and which contractors will be carrying out the work.

  • This was completed in May with letters being sent to each individual property where work is programmed for this financial year. We are working on adding information to the website telling customers what they need to do prior to any work being started i.e. clearing & access etc. It is hoped that the website update will be completed by the end of September.

Action Point 3

The contact centre to be issued with the list of all planned works that are pending this year, and issue monthly updates including the person dealing with the works where possible.

  • The pending planned work list was issued to the contact centre in April allowing the information to be available at first point of contact. Work is also in progress to issue monthly updates via Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter.

Action Point 4

Some contractor’s letters have been addressed to the occupier and mail treated as spam, contractors will be instructed in the future to use tenant name in all correspondence.

  • Completed – all contractors are now issued with customer contact details and asked to use names where ever possible.
  • Plus we’ve passed this action point onto other ateb departments so they will be addressing letters with customer names where ever possible too.

Action Point 5

Contractors names to be assigned to planned works and displayed clearly on the website to enable customers to know who to expect to turn up to carry out the component replacement.

  • This was completed in April and the information is now clearly available on the website.

Action Point 6

On our website, provide a clear invitation to customers to contact ateb and to ask about their future planned maintenance works, information to be provided by the contact centre or any member of the planned team.

Investigate possibility of providing a property maintenance summary to tenants with a dedicated e-mail address to handle requests.

  • The website was updated in April to reflect this with clear contact details for the planned maintenance team. The summary was included within the letters sent in April (action point 2). A dedicated email address has been discussed and will be included on our new system.

Action Point 7

On our website, emphasize to customers that they have a choice of colours regarding specified items.

  • This was done at the April website update.

Action Point 8

Issue the smaller companies that we use with ID badges.

  • Completed – as contracts have being awarded the contractors have been supplied with “ateb approved contractor” ID badges 

 Action Point 9

Develop a customer satisfaction process that interacts electronically with our customers using text messages and e-mail addresses.

  • This will be rolled out as part of the new system when the digital transformation is completed. In the mean time we have done a trial on the web via survey monkey as a stop gap. The results of this are encouraging, on the latest customer satisfaction letters approximately a third of the responses were digital. 

Action Point 10

Explain what we mean by “stock condition surveys” on the website. Plus explain that properties are surveyed every 5 years and stress the importance of obtaining access into the property to assess future works.

  • The website has been updated with a more definitive explanation of what we mean by a “stock condition survey” with an emphasis on the need for access. We have also changed the wording of the survey notification letters and have ensured that they are addressed with the customer name.

 6 monthly review

At the review meeting with the customer forum they were able to give us the following feedback for which the planned team are seeking solutions.

  • It was noted that occasionally the main contractors, windows for example, may sub-contract this work out to local tradesmen. It was suggested that a letter of authority be issued to the main contractor to pass on to the sub-contractors so that customers know that they are genuine – this is something that has been taken on board and being addressed.
  • It was also noted that the notification letters should highlight that the contractors will contract the customers prior to works being started.

Both of these are now being looked into.

Once again thank you for your feedback.

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