Engage 2 Improve

If it matters to you, it matters to us

We want all our customers to be able to engage with ateb in ways that suit them so that we can improve and develop your services in ways that you want.

If it matters to you, it matters to us so we will always seek to concentrate on the improvements that are most important to you. Of course this in addition to us resolving any individual issues as quickly as we can

We will:

  • LISTEN: Using the e2i improvement list, we will listen to as many different views/ideas or comments on how we can do things better for each theme.
  • UNDERSTAND: With your feedback, we will seek to understand what and where we need to improve.
  • IMPROVE: We will develop a list of actions that we need to do to improve our service.
  • LEARN: Finally, we will review the completed improvement actions to learn what difference we have made.


So what improvement themes are we working on?

Based on your feedback we are currently working on the following improvement themes:

  • Dec 19 – Repairs
  • Feb 20 – Estates management
  • April 20 – Household Waste
  • June 20 – How effective does ateb engage with you on an individual level?
  • Aug 20 – More support for vulnerable people e.g. a handyman service
  • Oct 20 – Customer Engagement 2020
  • Dec 20 – Monitoring of planned maintenance
  • Feb 21 – Maintenance – external contractors
  • April 21 – Ground Maintenance
  • June 21 – Cleaning
  • Aug 21 – Communication

This list is regularly reviewed by the E2i coordination group and updated based on feedback from you, to tell us if you think we are missing something visit our Feedback page.

How do you get involved?

There are many ways you can give your views – you don’t need to come to meetings, you can dip in & out of e2i to suit you, here’s some ways you can use to improve what we do at ateb:

E2i improvement list: every other month when you interact with one of our teams, we may ask you for your opinion on the improvement theme we are reviewing that month. We won’t ask you a lot of questions, but all of your comments help us.

Customer Forum: come to one of our customer forums to chat with us about any feedback you have. We will use the feedback to check we are working on the right themes. Click to see our  Customer Forum dates and locations.

E2i coordination group: come to one of our e2i coordination groups to discuss upcoming improvement themes or review the outcomes from completed improvement themes. Click to see our  next meeting dates and improvement themes.

Community events: We run many events during the year where you can meet staff and let us know what you think. Click to see our current list of events or keep an eye on our social media pages to see Engage 2 Improve events.

Tell us direct: use our web, digital media, receptions, team interactions, or phone to tell us what you think about ateb or the e2i improvement themes we are working on. Click to see how to contact us.

Tenants Association: If local to you, join one of our Tenants Associations, click for details of the current Tenants Associations and details of how-to setup an Association.

What themes have we looked at so far?

These are the improvement themes we have completed to date:


Apr – E2I/05: Anti-Social Behaviour

Jun – E2I/09: Compliance Works

Aug – E2I/13: Out of Hours Service

Oct – E2I/14: Customer/Tenant Engagement


Apr – E2I/06: Service Charges

Jun – E2I/12: Universal Credit

Aug – E2I/03: Communication

Oct – E2I/02: Customer Engagement

Dec – E2I/07: Planned Maintenance

Feb – E2I/16: Home Adaptations


Aug – E2I/10: Engagement Opportunities

Oct – E2I/11: Do you need help getting on-line?

Feb – E2I/04: New Property Handover

What improvement actions have we identified from the completed themes?

Please click to see the Improvement Actions that have been identified and their current progress.

Have we made a difference?

Please see below our 6 monthly reports on how we think e2i is making a difference. Please let us know if you think we have missed something, or you don’t agree with our assessment.

February 2020

August 2019

February 2019

August 2018 

If it matters to you, it matters to us !

Please remember, if you have urgent or pressing issues you need to resolve quickly, always contact us directly for us to sort out a solution for you.

To talk about our Engage 2 Improve initiative contact Ali Evans:

01437 774766 / 07500 446611 / 01437 763688






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