Engage 2 Improve

We want all our tenants (customers) to be able to chat with the ateb group in ways that suit you, and then ateb can go on to improve our services and communities in ways that you want.

The Engage initiative (e2i) focusses on creating more options for more people to speak with ateb, to help improve our services and communities.

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Getting Involved Through the Year

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Engage 2 Improve Our Services

Did you know:

  • You can dip in & out of these opportunities – you do not need to become a member of anything!
  • There are many ways you can give your views – you don’t need to come to meetings!

What is our engage initiative?

We want to avoid a scatter gun approach to service improvement by concentrating our improvement efforts on the areas our customers have prioritised as being most important. With a customer prioritised ‘to do list’ of improvement themes, we work through the list by reviewing a new improvement theme every 2 months.

We start the review by asking some simple questions to as many customers as we can about their experiences and their ideas on how we can improve, we then review this feedback with our engaged customers and the teams delivering the service, to identify trends and improvement actions needed. We then monitor the improvement actions to see that they are making a difference and learn where they don’t.

This is why it is called Engage to improve.

Our improvement ‘to do list’

This is our current list of improvement themes

Improvement Theme Status More Detail
Planned Maintenance Complete
Lettings Survey
Income Collection Review E2i team review @ Meyler house on 01/01/2019 @ 2:00
Development Planned December 2019


Getting involved

The e2i team – ateb has set up the e2i team made up of customers and team members who work together to deliver the engage initiative. The e2i team hold monthly meetings for all people to attend on a drop in / drop out basis, i.e. attend those meetings that are discussing things that particularly interest you, we don’t want you to have to commit to a regular meeting schedule where this doesn’t suit you. All customers are welcome to attend e2i meetings

Here are our e2i team meeting dates:

Date Survey feedback we will be reviewing Engagement themes we will be scoping Engagement themes we will be scoping
1st March Out of Hours Anti-Social Behaviour


We currently meet on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at ateb’s main office, Meyler House, Haverfordwest SA61 1QP at 10:00, but please see the News & Events section of this site for any updates. If you would rather give your views electronically eg. via Facebook, email or text you are very welcome to do so.


Please contact Ali Evans 01437 774766 / 01437 763688/ 07500 446611 / engage@atebgroup.co.uk


If there is anything stopping you from attending or taking part in any ateb event in any way, such as childcare, language, transport, times, disability please get in touch with Ali who will help if possible: our aim is to include everyone who wants to be included.

Light refreshments are always available at these friendly events and we will pay your travelling expenses to and from your ateb home.

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