Anti-social Behaviour

What is Neighbour Nuisance?

Neighbour nuisance includes anything that causes annoyance or nuisance within a community. This can range from noise or other disturbances, threats or harassment, using or threatening violence, to making malicious complaints, irresponsible disposal of rubbish, or damage to property. It may not necessarily be considered anti-social behaviour.

If you’re having problems with a neighbour or their children, try talking to them first. Explain what’s bothering you clearly by including times, dates and types of behaviour. We would encourage you to try and deal with this yourselves initially through respectable dialogue with your neighbour.

What is Anti-social Behaviour (ASB)?

Anti-social Behaviour includes more serious and sometimes criminal behaviours.

If the behaviour is criminal, please report to the police immediately. If not, please contact ateb using our  Online Form or call us on Online Form or call us on clicking here, to start building an evidence log. It is so important that you fill in these sheets as often and thoroughly as you can so we have more options when it comes to taking action. Make sure you email or post these diary sheets back to us as soon as you’ve completed them.

Or, if you’re affected by noise, you can report it to us using the free ‘Noise App’. You can do this by visiting clicking here and downloading the app onto your smartphone and following the instructions below.

Getting Help

You’re not alone. There are some great organisations who specialise in supporting communities to resolve ASB issues:

For any further help visit our ASB FAQ’s Page.

Affected by Noise Nuisance?
How to Get Started…

Follow the steps below:

Step 1/ Download the app from or search online for ‘The Noise App RHE’ at Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Step 2/ Create your account and choose ‘Pembrokeshire County Council’ as your service provider to investigate your noise nuisance reports.

Step 3/ To report a nuisance simply tap the icon, make a 30-second recording of the noise, complete a form and submit your report online.

Step 4/ Await a response from us.

Please be aware that all recordings carry a GPS stamp so that Officers are aware of your location when you are making the recording, and all recordings carry a date and time stamp.

How do I report a criminal damage or a serious incident to the Police?

Dial 101 – Police non-emergency number.

Dial 999 – Police emergency number. 

How can I make sure I am not a nuisance to others?

  • You can prevent problems happening with your neighbour by following some simple advice.
  • Be a good neighbour.
  • Be considerate when at home playing music or listening to the TV by keeping the noise down.
  • When entertaining friends or family, especially late in the evening, remember your neighbours may be sleeping.
  • When doing DIY jobs do them at a reasonable time of day, tell your neighbour in advance and keep the noise to a minimum.
  • Look after your pets. Keep dogs under control and do not let them roam around your neighbourhood.

Other Nuisance Problems?

Abandoned Vehicles

If you think that a car has been abandoned in your neighbourhood or it appears un-roadworthy please contact us. We will make some checks and contact the Local Authority who may get the vehicle is removed.

Rubbish/Fly Tipping

If you notice rubbish/fly tipping, please contact the local authority who will deal with problem.

Drug Dealing

Report this directly to the Police using the non-emergency number and inform us so we can investigate and work in partnership with the Police and other agencies.

Stray Animals

Report this directly to the Local Authority. The Dog Warden will take call and collect stray dogs and will report cases of animal neglect or cruelty to the RSPCA.


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