ateb Gardening Competition

Judging the Gardens

Would you like to help judge ateb tenants’ beautiful Pembrokeshire gardens this year?

You could spend a morning, an afternoon, or the whole day (the choice is yours), with a member of ateb staff, helping to decide upon the winners.

Has gardening ever been your hobby or profession?  Have you a keen eye for evidence of nurturing, loving care & great design?  If so, and you’d like to join in, please contact the Engage to Improve Team at ateb (details below), saying when you’d be available to help.  Here are the options:

  • Monday 24th June – Morning / Afternoon
  • Tuesday 25th June – Morning / Afternoon
  • Wednesday 26th June – Morning / Afternoon
  • Thursday 27th June – Morning / Afternoon
  • Friday 28th June – Morning / Afternoon

Ali Evans: 01437 774766 / 07500 446611

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