As ateb moves forward we will be updating this page with documents relating to the group and how we work to create better living solutions.

Key Corporate Resources

The following document shows ‘what good looks like’ for ateb…

  • Vision – ateb Vision Document

The Vision is supported by the following, more detailed explanations of what we need to do to improve …

  •  #1 Expect – It all starts and ends with our Customer Commitment
  • #2 DNA – Without the right Culture and Leadership, we will not achieve our Vision
  • #3 Plan – We must plan to succeed, our 2-year Strategic Plan 20/21 to 21/22
  • #4 Deliver – Our approach to providing the best services we can
  • #5 Assure – How we will provide assurance that we are delivering our Vision
Self-Evaluation and Annual Review

We undertake an annual assessment of our groups performance to highlight areas of success and areas for improvement. Please see our latest reports:

20/21 – ateb Stories 4

19/20 – ateb Stories 3

18/19 – ateb Stories 2

17/18 –   ateb Stories 1

Corporate Review

Every year we provide an update on governance and financial matters for the previous financial year, please find below our latest review …

20/21 – Corporate Review 4

19/20 – Corporate Review 3

18/19 – Corporate Review 2

17/18 – Corporate Review 1

Strategic Plan

Each year we will review progress against our strategy, please find below our latest review….

20/21 – Year 1 Review

19/20 – Year 2 Review

18/19 – Year 1 Review

Statutory Accounts





Welsh Language Scheme

Prepared in accordance with the Welsh Language Commissioner’s Guidelines under the Welsh Language Act 1993.

Key Policies
Community Housing Cymru Publications





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